Umut was born in İstanbul, on 6th december 1976. As a natural born musician, his relation with music started then. Being the son of Mehmet Özbek (a famous Turkish folk music composer, researcher, choir chef and a man of letter). Umut was deeply affacted by music in his early ages and his passion and excitement increased day by day. While spending his childhood in Ankara which he spent within folk songs, his passion of music was also revealed with the Casio organ which his father bought. It was the first organ he ever had. In the same years, he got interested in foreign music through his brother Murat's influence. While going on his secondary education, his interest in music improved considerably, and he started working on Western music. He was about to fulfill his seconary education when he started to produce his first recordings with Korg m1 keyboard. Later on he decided to attend music school. When he was at his first year at high school, he joined the exam for The Hacettepe University State Music Academy, department of singing. He won the exam at first rank. This was his first step towards being a proffessional musician. He improved his singing, his piano and his technic during the years he got vocal education from Asist Prof. Vagif Kerimov. Besides classical songs, he also worked on foreign pop, pop jazz, soul, country and new age which he was deeply interested in

He gave opera concerts when he was at music school. He continued his piano studies with Dilek Burat in the same years. Since the middle of 90s,  he has performed with various groups and also done solo performances. He has given concerts and made music in various hotels. He tok walking-on parts in some theatres between the years 1997-1998. He won the exam for Antalya State opera by the end of 1998 and started working as an opera singer in 1999. He acted in shows such as La Traviata, Csardas Furstin, Pagliacci, La Boheme, Seni Seviyorum, Fiddler on the Roof. However he never gave up his works of piano, cmpositions and arrangements. After he had accident in 2000, he had to be away from his piano and his works. But he continued his works after a long period of treatment. He learned to use piano's right pedal (sustain pedal) with his elbow while playing. While making some Jingles, compositions and arrangements in his small home studio, he also worked as a pianist at the chamber choir of the Antalya Opera. He worked as a stage manager at the Antalya Opera too. He was on the stage as a pianist with Bülent Aksu quintet at the Afyon Jazz Festival in 2003, and Şirin Çilengir was the solo vocal of the group. He made music for animated 3 cd's of "Tonton Ali interactive education set" which was published by Üner Publications. Umut Özbek, who also made the music for İkbal Gürpınar's poetry album called "seviyorum seni". He made Turkey Voleyball National team marchs as a songwriter, arranger and all studio set up with opera choir. In 2009 september he played in Russia / Rostov Jazz festival as a solo performer by representing his country. In 2010 he gave full solo concert in Russia again. He joined several projects and concerts. In 2011 he made a big concert with Antalya State Opera symphony orchestra combining with pop band as a pianist and singer. He performed his songs, great world hit songs and Turkish folk songs (with his father) in the same concert. In 2015 he made "Story of a Wild Girl" documentary musics and he shared this title with one of the world famous pianist Fazil Say. He still goes on his jingle, recording, arrangement and live performance works in Antalya non stop.

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